Lecturing, Media, judging and speaking requests

If you would like help with media work, judging, or you would like me to speak at your event, please send an email to mail [at] petercowley [dot] org

Investment requests

In November 2018, I analysed my 67 investments and none has occurred via a cold email. Two are via a meeting at an event and the remaining 65 via a warm introduction, During 2018, I have received an average of 4 or 5 investment opportunities every day (sometimes 7 or 8).  I generally invest in one in every 200 to 250 of these.  Hence, with apologies, I will no longer take investment requests via email (or LinkedIn). At least one member of every investible entrepreneurial team is a “hustler”, as they need to sell equity to raise cash, to sell the vision to early employees and of course to sell to customers. You will find a way to get to me, if you want to.

My background in full

Please download my CV for more information on my commercial and charitable background, plus personal interests.

Connect on social media

I am on Twitter  and LinkedIn, but my Facebook page is private.